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Ever since the creation of the couture house in 1987, Christian Lacroix
style is unique, exuberant, colorful and baroque. The Hispanic and
“Arlésiennes” inspirations, colors, innovative forms borrowed from
theatrical make a sensation and are a breath of freshness in the
fashion circles.

From their inception, Christian
Lacroix’s creations have been
coveted and embraced by many
great international fashion editors
and stars.

Mr Lacroix has given the
Couture House 25 years of
unrivalled creations.

Today, the House of Christian Lacroix conserves a
heritage of unparalleled richness.

With creativity and innovations, the Studio of the
House is reinventing the signature themes of the
Lacroix House in order to reach out to a new public.

The House is evolving under a new creative direction with Sacha
Walckhoff, Mr Lacroix’s design assistant from 1992 to 2009, and
creative director of multiple successful lines in the House.

The Christian Lacroix fashion brand is sold worldwide,
from menswear collections to fashion accessories such
as leather goods, scarves, jewelry, and fragrances.
Christian Lacroix has also successfully launched
lifestyle collections for home decoration with furnishing,
wallpapers, porcelain tableware, stationery and mobile

The Christian Lacroix brand subsists through timeless values.
The result is a fabulous and richly entwined universe, which can
be continually reinterpreted, re-mixed and illuminated.

Maison Christian Lacroix celebrates this year its 30th anniversary.