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Once upon a time

In April 1987, a new Fashion House was founded in a private mansion at 73 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, in the heart of Paris.

The House of Christian Lacroix was created by Arlesian couturier Christian Lacroix and press agent Jean-Jacques Picart, with support from Bernard Arnault. Word quickly spread throughout Paris and Christian Lacroix’s name was on everyone’s lips

A Breath of fresh Air for the Fashion World

The following 26 July, Christian Lacroix unveiled his first Haute Couture collection for Autumn-Winter 1987.

This first collection was a radiant, opulent, virtuosic homage to the couturier’s roots; each look was infused with Mediterranean influences. Christian Lacroix revisited traditional Arlesian outfits, drawing inspiration from the toreador’s cape. He highlighted southern France’s beauty, from the Camargue to Provence, in this 60-piece collection.

This first flamboyant fashion show was wildly successful, blowing the dust off the subdued world of 1980s high fashion and turning Parisian fashion of the day on its head. It was a departure from the minimalistic look of the influential Japanese designers en vogue at that time.

It’s Lacroix sweetie!

At a time when fashion was focused on simplicity, Christian Lacroix chose exuberance. When black became the standard, he opted for blood red, fuchsia pink and bright yellow.

With each new collection, Christian Lacroix designed pieces that combined unusual materials and colours, adorning looks with luxurious baroque touches. He brought back touches of folklore, history and theatre, infusing them with elegance and sophistication.


Anna Wintour chose a Christian Lacroix Haute Couture jacket with a simple pair of jeans for her first American Vogue cover, photographed by Peter Lindberg in 1988. This look broke all the high fashion rules, pushing it into a younger and more liberated future.

After a spectacular debut, the Lacroix phenomenon spread as if propelled by the Mistral wind, and was soon featured prominently in all the most prestigious fashion magazines around the world.

Throughout the 1990s, the brand continued to grow, diversifying its portfolio with household linen, tableware and more. This diversification continued to pick up speed in the following decade.

From Fashion Shows to Lifestyles

In 2005, LVMH sold the House to its current owners, the Falic family, giving it new momentum as it explored other niches while continuing the House’s previous activities.

Christian Lacroix left his position as the House’s Artistic Director in late 2009. Sacha Walckhoff, who had worked at the House since 1992, was named Creative Director. Sacha continued the House’s transformation alongside President Nicolas Topiol, extending the creative focus to decoration and lifestyle collections.

By combining the Christian Lacroix brand’s excellence with exceptionally-skilled collaborators, the House’s Studio expresses its talent by creating varied and unexpected collections in men’s fashion, accessories (scarves, sunglasses, handbags, jewellery, watches and mobile phone accessories) and lifestyle (fabrics, wallpapers, cushions, rugs, tableware, candles and stationery). Christian Lacroix products are now sold in more than 5,000 retail locations around the world.

“Our goal is to help people feel their emotions and live their dreams.”

Sacha Walckhoff

1987–2017: Dreaming Audaciously for 30 Years #Lacroix30years

The Christian Lacroix House is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2017. An exclusive anniversary collection has been designed in collaboration with New York City-based multimedia artist Brian Kenny to celebrate the House’s heritage, strengthen its designs, expand its boundaries and propel it into the future.

The unique, limited edition Brian Kenny x Christian Lacroix collection transcends time, celebrating diversity and freedom, drawing inspiration from the past while keeping an eye firmly fixed on the future — ready to launch into the next 30 years!

"Christian Lacroix is the home of all possible"