With the “Histoires Naturelles” collection of fabrics, wallpapers and decorating accessories for Designers Guild, Christian Lacroix Maison offers an invitation to plunge into the lush, bucolic imaginary home of a scholarly botanist. Step into a world evocative of faraway lands and the famous writings by Comte de Buffon, where symphonies of merry birds, flowery fronds and lush vegetation deck the home from floor the ceiling.

  • “Coup de Vent”, a delicate pattern of climbing vines, reveals glimpses of bucolic landscapes opening up a world of dreams. This charming interlaced motif by Christian Lacroix Maison is available on wallpaper and a sheer veil.

  • Bring your interior to life with the exotic plumage of “Birds Sinfonia” in the purest Christian Lacroix style. Their entrancing, brightly coloured feathers seem to blend into one another.

  • All the fantasy of nature viewed through the prism of Christian Lacroix Maison and deployed over this exceptional, panoramic “Jardin des Rêves” wallpaper. Giant mushrooms and dwarf palm trees are home to wonderful creatures from another land. Are the strands of Virginia creeper that the sun turns into golden wood sculptures real or are you dreaming?