With the “Paradis Barbares” collection of furnishing fabrics, wallpapers and decorating accessories for Designers Guild, Christian Lacroix Maison returns to its origins. It thus pays tribute to the artists Garouste and Bonetti, who designed the House’s first Haute Couture salons. Their signature curved lines and swirls, combined with ancient Mediterranean influences and memories of lush baroque gardens, are the inspirations behind the antique plant and mineral character of “Paradis Barbares”.

« J’ai voulu cette collection fidèle aux principes fondateurs de la Maison qui, en mêlant le brut et le sophistiqué créa, dès ses premières présentations de Haute-Couture, une esthétique à nulle autre pareille. »
Directeur de la création de la Maison Christian Lacroix
  • The two-tone panoramic “Bois Paradis” design is the centrepiece of the “Paradis Barbares” collection, treated like an ancient fresco. Depicting an original garden inhabited by fantastic beasts, this wallpaper by Christian Lacroix Maison transports us to a mysterious, imaginary world.

  • Five flowers, selected for their evocative intensity, spread the delicate beauty of their petals over this wallpaper from the “Paradis Barbares” collection. Decorate your walls with “Herbariae” poppies, narcissus, lotus flowers, thistles and dahlias, engraved in stylised panels, like an herbarium.

  • “L’Aveu”, the elegant jacquard from the “Paradis Barbares” collection, inspired by the Persian mashrabiya, embraces the travel theme that has always been a favourite of Christian Lacroix Maison.