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Christian Lacroix pour Designers Guild "Au Théâtre ce soir"


The new 2017 Christian Laroix Maison collection, for Designers Guild, steals the show as it trips the boards of Château de Groussay’s lovely little private theatre.

From Molière’s "Bourgeois Gentilhomme" to Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, Lacroix has had great fun reimagining the theatre sets of our childhood.

The lights go down…The curtain goes up…And voilà: Monsieur Jourdain’s Turkish drawing room complete with brightly coloured fabrics, including "Frida Santa", velvet with an oriental flavour, "Fétiche" and "Constantine", two delicate mix and match ottomans, and "Talisman", inspired by the opulent stained glass windows of Sainte Chapelle. Further on, "Mascarade" clothes both windows and walls in a Harlequin suit, while "Noailles", partway between a French Indienne and a rich damask, luxuriates across the middle-class décor of a Feydeau farce. "Tumulte", a fantasy of brightly coloured, embroidered flowers, pays homage to the beauty of every romantic heroine.

Suddenly the stage is overrun with elves from the magic forest in the form of "Goya", a Jacquard design featuring tropical palm trees and "Groussay", combining box and bay in a cotton print. Backstage, the corridors of this imaginary theatre designed with unbridled inspiration are hung with "Rêveries", a fabric inhabited by fantastic beasts. But, sadly, the evening’s heroes are already taking their bows, amidst a shower of flowers that hang from the rigging in the form of "Véranda", a pretty printed calico.

This season, the iconic "Paseo" design is in the limelight once again with "Paseo Sunset", a richly woven black velvet on a multicoloured tie and dye background, and "Paseo Canetille", a black embroidery on white linen. Last but not least, signature stripe "Cabanon" sports three new colours - Bleu Nuit, Caviar and Scarlet.

Maison Christian Lacroix has worked its magic yet again, skilfully leading us from stage set to real life, with a richly coloured collection of beautiful materials that brings the opulent fantasy of the theatre into our own lives and makes us the actors of our own home decor!

© Richard Powers